Hello Fall League Fans!

Hey Fans!  Chad Tracy coming to you from Surprise, AZ, home of the Texas Rangers and Surprise Rafters.  I guess I should start with a little bit of background about myself.  I have been with the rangers since the 2006 draft.  I was drafted out of Pepperdine University as a catcher, but have since learned to play left field and first base.  I grew up in Florida and California, attending a couple years of high school in each place before getting a scholarship to play at Pepperdine.  I loved every second of college and helped the Waves to 3 conference championships and three regional championship appearances from 2004-2006.  As I said before, I was drafted in 2006 and have played at 4 levels since being drafted, most reently with the Frisco Roughriders of the Texas league.  It has been a great climb so far, and I can only hope for more positive things to happen in the future.

I have been back in Arizona since the 17th of September working out with our instructional league team.  We started work with the fall league team on the 2nd of October and it has gone great so far.  The workouts have not been too taxing, just covering a lot of the basics, taking BP, and a little live pitching.  It’s been nice to spend a lot of time getting to know everyone and catching up with the guys that we already know.  I played with or against alot of my fall league teammates during college or my first couple years of pro ball, so it’s been pretty easy in that regard. 

Other that that, all I can say is we are pretty excited about strapping it on for real tomorrow.  Practice is necessary, but it’s always exciting to get out there and play the first game. It seems like everyone is pretty enthusiastic about having the oppurtunity to be here and our coaching staff are good people and competitors as well.  Seems like everything is in place to have a solid month and a half of baseball.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the games!

I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.  Just write me a message. 



  1. dukes_biggest@yahoo.com

    Hey Chad, I was wondering how they select you to the fall league teams.
    Thanks and Good luck,
    JR From Dallas,Tx

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      Its really not that complicated of a process. The ranger people get together and decide who it is that they want to send to get more work against some of the minor league elite. Its an honor to be selected, but its up to the organization who gets selected to go.

  2. tnulta@comcast.net

    The stats indicate that you are a strong hitter. Is the position switching happening in an attempt to give you a quicker path to the majors? In your mind, are you a catcher who hits, or are you a hitter who catches? What position would you prefer to play in the majors?

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      Honestly I would say yes. The more positions you can play, the better. Obviously, at the major league level, you have to be able to play them well. I have always been able to swing the bat, and the more positions I’m able to play, the more options it will give the big club to use me. Catching time has been slim lately for me, but I did that my whole life. It still needs work, but its there if I need it as well.

  3. trogdor79


    Congrats on being a part of a team that was just named Baseball’s Minor League Team of the Year.

    A couple questions:
    (1) Have Rangers hinted where they want you to start next season? Frisco/Oklahoma?
    (2) Of all the coaches you’ve worked with in the Rangers minor league system, whom would you credit as being the biggest contributor to your success?

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      No the rangers haven’t yet discussed with me where I will be next year. That is something that generally isn’t discussed till spring training time as there is an entire offseason that still has to occur. As a player, its better not to worry about it and just worry about performing wherever it may be. As for the coach question, I have been fortunate enough to work with some great people. I have played 2 seasons with Mike Micucci as my manager and have a great relationship with him. Brandt Brown and Scott Coolbaugh are the two hitting coaches I had this year and they both know me and how i like to handle stuff. They are tremendous to work with. The list could go on and on with all our coordinators and other coaches. A lot of great baseball people in this organization.

  4. nash13mavs

    Hey Chad, congrats on all the accomplishments this year. It seems like you jumped from Clinton to Frisco in no time at all. With the farm system as loaded as it is you can’t help but be excited about the future of the organization. What is the mindset like for all the prospects in the system? Do you guys look at it as a great chance to start a winning tradition in Arlington, or what goes through the minds of the players in the farm system? I’m sure you watch the likes of Feliz and Holland and some of the other arms and get excited just as us less athletic Ranger followers…

    Thanks for the time and the interaction, we look forward to seeing you in Arlington soon!

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      There is a lot that goes through a player’s mind in the minor leagues. We all want to get to the big leagues, obviously. As a player, though, you have to just play each game and let the chips fall where they may. We can’t control the moves that get made, that’s not our job. It’s our job to perform, so we try to focus on that. We are all very excited about the teams future. As u mentioned guys like Holland and Feliz. Those are our peers and we know how close they are. I saw guys like Chris Davis, Tommy Hunter, Taylor Teagarden get to the big leagues this year. These are all guys we played with at some point. Ranger games were on in all our minor league clubhouses this year rooting for all those guys. I think it’s exciting to think of the possibility of the chemistry that can create when even more guys get there chance.

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      The position switch was tough in the sense that I had never played those spots before. However, catching is the most taxing position on the field. The catcher is involved in everything, he runs the show. He calls the game, he puts on plays, he directs traffic, blocks balls and pretty much anything you can think of. He has to watch EVERYTHING that goes on. So, that makes you a student of the game. I just tried to take my mental approach to those other spots and let instincts take over. Obviously there was help on the footwork and different things from our coordinators, but i try to let it be second nature.

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      There is a huge difference in pitching. In Clinton there are alot of guys with good stuff, but its a work in progress. Hitters counts at that level are fastballs most of the time. In Frisco, you face guys with three quality pitches instead of one of two. Not only that, but that can use any of those pitches at any time. There are a lot of people that think the guys throw a lot harder or have unbelievable stuff. While that is true in a few cases, most guys are just more polished and able to throw their pitches to their location in almost any count.

  5. brian_ozols@baylor.edu

    What’s up Chad,
    It’s Ozols. I just wanted to say hello and say congrats on the success. I wish you nothing but success man and just now I am proud of you and am following your success on line. See you in the big leagues soon!

    B- Ozols

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