winding down

Hey fans,

I havent reported to you in a while.  We have had some internet problems here at the house so I missed last week.  There isn’t a whole lot new to report.  The fall league is winding down and we are still doing a lot of the same stuff.  The rafters club has started to win some games.  We went through a really rough stretch and have since won 4 out of 5 games.  As I said a couple weeks ago, rough patches happen and it’s nice to see our team continue to play hard. 

Our Rangers hitters were fortunate this week to get a visit from our hitting coordinator and our major league hitting coach.  They just came to spend a few days with us and get us some additional work since at bats havent come often.  They wanted us to get a grasp of some of the things we needed to work on this winter so we can really focus on bettering our weaknesses.  It was awesome to get to spend time with the two of them exclusively and pick their brains for a few days. 

I spent the weekend at my cousins wedding this past weekend and am back in time for the final week and a half of the fall season.  Everyone is just looking to do thier best and finish strong before heading home for some much needed time off.  I hope everyone enjoyed reading these blogs and I hope it helped you get a better look at what its like to be in our shoes.  I think I will have one final blog at the end of the week.  Talk to you then fans!

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