Week 3 set to begin!

Week three of the AFL commences tomorrow and the Rafters find themselves in the same boat as last week.  We played about the same this past week and our record now sits at 4-7 but still only two games off the pace as the Javs have cooled off a bit.  We finished off the week well with a 10-9 victory last night over the Desert Dogs. 

The experience has been great thus far watching all of these talented athletes play the game.  I have faced Clay Bucholz and Phil Hughes in 2 of my 4 games and watched Max Scherzer fire them in there last night.  There are some high quality arms out here and it’s been a pleasure to watch and see what the next level has to offer.  As I explained last week, the routine is much the same.  I have been doing a lot of work still in the cage as I am still not quite there with my swing.  We have a ton of extra players as compared to most teams, so ab’s are few and far between so I try to do whatever I can to keep myself as prepared as I possibly can for my next oppurtunity.   Making improvements each day is the main goal.

Outside of baseball life is good as well.  Im staying in my close friend and teammate Johnny Whittleman’s condo with him.  We have a great time away from the field.  There is a pool out back and a grill.  Weekends frequently bring us outdoors throwing the football around and grilling lunch and dinner.  We have plenty to keep us busy outside the field and try to approach that time with as much relaxation as possible.  It’s been a long year, having a place that you can go to away from the field and feel as though you are at home is crucial.  It just lets you put your mind at ease.  Johnny Whit has provided that for me and we love each other’s company.

Thats about it for this week.  The Rafters will be in Mesa tomorrow for game number 12 as we push toward November.  Ill continue to answer ur questions as quickly as I can.  Its a busy time out here, so it takes a couple days sometimes, but I try to get to them all.  Thanks fans!

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