Week 4

Hello again fans,

We are fast approaching Novemeber here at the Arizona Fall League, yet still alot of baseball has to be played.  The Rafters had a rough week, albeit a shortened week.  We are currently trying to snap out of a bit of a losing streak and throw a few W’s on the board.  We seem to be losing a lot of different ways right now.  There are always those periods where its seems like no a whole lot goes right, and we are going through one right now.  The team remains a pleasure to be around, though, and everyone is just trying to keep having fun.

The big news of the past week would have to be the rising stars game that took place on Saturday.  Although I didn’t participate, I got the feedback from the guys on our team that played in it.  It sounded like it was a heck of a game to watch and it was decided in the last couple innings.  All of our guys seemed to enjoy the experience a lot.

This week will take us into November and we will be on the home stretch to the end of the season.  I think that everyone here is going to get whatever they can out of these last few weeks and try to build a foundation for our time at home.  Thoughts of home are starting to creep into everyone’s mind.  We have been away from home since about the middle of february, so you can’t help but imagine that we are eager for a break.  As players, though, we give it our all until the very end, and it will be no different here.  Push to the finish line and then take a short breather before having to start training again for next year. 

Well thats it for this week.  If there are any questions ill continue to answer those.  Also, if there is anything in particular you want to hear about in the last couple blogs let me know, it’s hard to think about what to include each week.  Thanks fans!

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  1. algruwell@hotmail.com

    Hey, Chad. I got to see you play in ’07 for the L-Kings. Congrats on the selection to play for the Rafters. Just wondering if Pops still gives you pointers.

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