Week 2 in the AFL

Hey fans!

Its the start of week two in the arizona fall league and the rafters sit at 2-3, 1 game off the pace.  It was very exciting to get underway and finally play some games.  I played only twice this week and recorded 8 at bats with one hit.  The fall league is a very different experience for a lot of us players.  As many of you know there are a lot of great players out here.  This league has a reputation of bringing in players that should be future big leaguers as early as next year.  There are at least 2 guys at every position on each team, so playing time isn’t as it is during the season.  The players here are all used to playing every day during the year, but it’s just not possible here.  Playing every other day or so is quite common, so it is a little bit more of a relaxed atmosphere for the players.  It also allows for guys to really bear down on things they need to work on during the days they are not playing.  It’s hard to really get after it when you know you are playing that day, so the time off in between might as well be used for stuff that each individual needs to work on. 

I spend a lot of my extra time in the cage continuing to fine tune my swing, and even more time at first base working on my footwork.  The swing is always a work in progress and often, after time off, it tends to leave you for a bit.  Many players have certain drills they like to do to lock themselves back in.  Defensive work is the same way, it requires a certain rhythm and repetition to get it locked in as well. 

As for the rafters, we had a decent first week.  We finished the week with a 2-3 record.  After a slow start and a couple losses to the javelinas, we finally got in the win column with an exciting 8-7 walkoff win over scottsdale.  We came back in the 8th to take the lead and came back to tie it again in the 9th before eventually winning in the 10th.  After a high scoring affair, we were able to close the week with a 2-1 vicotry led by a stellar effort from our pitching staff.  We will start the new week in Peoria as we look to put up a few more W’s this week. 

As always, its a pleasure reporting to you from Surprise, AZ.  Any questions i’d be glad to answer.


  1. nash13mavs

    Thanks again for the good info Chad,

    Playing as much baseball as you have, who would you say are some of the best players you have played with and against? Who are the pitchers you enjoy stepping into the box against the most, be it here in the AFL or back in the minors or any of your other playing days.



    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers


      That is really a tough question to answer. I have played baseball for so long against so many good players that it would be difficult to pick any specific. Every year brings about new faces and just when you think you have seen the best, someone else comes along and changes your opinion. The fact is that pretty much everyone in the AFL can really play the game. If you had anyone specific in mind, I’m sure I played against him somewhere along the line.

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      Personal goals for next season other than make it to the big leagues is just to have another successful year. I never try to put statistical goals together because there are so many things that can happen during the year. Baseball is so much more than how many homeruns or doubles u hit. I just want to go out and be productive again and go from there.

  2. tightman07

    Hey Chad,
    If you could pick one of the positions you’ve been at so far as a pro and stick with it, which would you choose? Thanks for answering so many questions.

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      Honestly I’d like to stick with all three because it only increases value as a player. I loved to catch and hitting catchers are valuable. I have been catching some bullpens out here just to hone up on it and keep it fresh. I feel the three positions is valuable though and am glad I can do them all.

  3. tightman07

    Sorry to ask another one so soon, but do you or any of the other guys in the organization check in on any of the Ranger fan sites or newsletters on the internet? Thanks.

    • The Rangers' AFL Bloggers

      Im not real sure. There may be some ranger guys that check the fan sites, but not all fans are positive all the time. As players we like to stay positive, so we stick to our teammates and take care of each other. It works better to let the fans be the fans. They make the game great.

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